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Fitness & Wellness Coaching

  • 1 h
  • Free Consultation
  • In-home personal training

Service Description

Need some motivation and the tools to get to your physical and emotional health goals? We put our clients at an advantage. So, let us help! What We offer: FITNESS & WELLNESS PACKAGE *Each training package comes with a nutrition supplement program. *All personal training packages hold a 6 months minimum commitment in order to obtain maximum results. FREE CONSULTATION (1 Hour) An in-person fitness test/workout assessment to understand where you are at, your fitness goals, and determine workout regimen. PERSONAL TRAINING PACKAGE 1 One Session a week (1-hour) - $110.00 per Session PERSONAL TRAINING PACKAGE 2 Two Sessions a week (1-hour) - $99.00 per Session [10% Discount] PERSONAL TRAINING PACKAGE 3 Three Sessions a week (1-hour) - $88.00 per Session [20% Discount] SPECIALIZED TRAINING *Weight Loss (w/Diabetes, HBP or Cancer Survivor Focus)| Injury Specific (IS)| Weight Loss (General)| Sports Specific(SS)| Mixed/Traditional Martial Arts Conditioning(MMA/TMA)| Model/Celeb Training(M/C)| Bridal Fitness(BF)| Massage Therapy(MT)| Senior/Disabled Programs(S/D)| Post-Rehab| Children Programs(Child) Stretching| Dual Fitness Training Programs(DFT) - Four Sessions (1-hour) - $450 (Must be used within 2 month of start date) - Eight Sessions (1-hour) - $810 (Must be used within 2 months of start date) 10% Discount - Twelve Sessions (1-hour)- $1080 (Must be used within 3 ½ months of start date) 15% Discount - Twenty Sessions (1-hour)- $1,687.50 (Must be used within 6 months of start date) 20% Discount ** Flexible or Set Schedules ** In-person workout sessions available at the comfort of your home (in-home training). ** Workout Sessions can be Indoors or Outdoors

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